The Duchess of Malfi Knowledge Organiser

Our department has recently started using Knowledge Organisers (a concept explained much more articulately than I could here)- a help sheet which, not surprisingly, organises all of the knowledge needed for that unit. Our department still has a long way to go with these- they’re not being used to their full potential (partly due to our still evolving schemes of work), but I’d argue that anything which helps to summarise the knowledge needed can’t be a bad thing.

I was a little bit uneasy about creating one for A Level, as it could be argued that Knowledge Organisers are too simplistic to fully encompass the complex concepts that a rigorous A Level demands, but after reading Battle Hymn of the Tiger Teacher I changed my mind. A Knowledge Organiser certainly isn’t the be-all-and-end-all, but can definitely help to scaffold the knowledge needed. Nonetheless, I decided that one page would not be enough, so am separating the information onto 4 A4 pages: plot and characterisation; language, form, and structure; context and critics; key quotations and themes.

Please find my initial draft of the first two pages attached. Much of the information is magpied from other teachers, revision guides, and annotated versions of the text, but hopefully it can proof useful!



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